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Arty Shaw, a genealogist working on a peculiarly British island in the English Channel, is asked by a television company to research Helen Valentine's family tree. The award-winning British actress wants to know the truth about her grandmother's wartime exploits and Arty is her choice to do the digging; which is just fine by Arty. When a beautiful blonde like Helen Valentine asks, you don't say no.


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Liberation Publishing is the imprint responsible for publishing the work of Vic Tanner Davy.


Liberation Publishing's name and logo hark back to the years between 1940 and 1945 when the island of Jersey, where Vic lives, was occupied by Germany. In defiance of the occupying forces islanders painted V signs in anticipation of a British victory. The island was finally liberated on 9 May 1945, one day after V.E. day. Liberation Day is still celebrated in the island with a public holiday.




When Princess Alexandra, the eldest daughter of the Prince of Wales, wishes to marry her long-time partner, Lieutenant-Commander Grace Stephens, their wedding has the potential to cause a constitutional crisis. When the couple go further and request a blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the British establishment must find a way to accommodate the wishes of the woman who will one day be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.


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When the biophysicist Dr Brogan Miller and her partner, the women’s historian Dr Honor Smith, stumble upon a cosmic phenomenon that enables them to film the everyday lives of women from the past, they believe it will bring about a revolution in the way that women’s history is taught and studied.


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